How and why get a library card ?
Why get a library card? How to register? Anyone can visit our libraries to consult materials free of charge without registering. Library cards are issued for one year and are valid to take out books and media materials from all the Plaine Centrale urban district libraries and media libraries.

Individual membership


Registration procedure and charge

Personal library cards are issued free of charge to anyone who lives, works or studies on the territory of the Plaine Centrale (Alfortville, Créteil, Limeil-Brévannes). To apply for a library card, the following documents are required :

·          a completed application form

·          proof of residency dated within the past 3 months (e.g. driving licence or utility bill)

·          identification

·          where applicable, a school certificate for the current academic year or a recent letter from the applicant’s employer.


The applicant agrees to comply with the Library Rules & Regulations.


A charge at a rate set each year by the Conseil Communautaire, is payable by any applicants not meeting these requirements.


For the year 2010, the charge is :

·           13,30 € to borrow printed documents (books and magazines)

·           49,50 € to borrow printed documents plus multimedia and audiovisual materials (CDs, CD ROMs, musical scores)


Library card registration for children

There is no age limit for owning a library card.  However, minors are required to have their application form signed by a parent or guardian. This authorization by the parent or guardian is essential.


Library card

Registered members receive a library card for which they are held personally responsible.  It must always be shown when taking out library materials.

Upon registration, the new reader automatically receives a password which gives access to an individual account where borrowed documents and materials can be renewed and reservations made online.

Readers should report the loss of their library card immediately using Contact.

The charge for a replacement card is 1.50€ , as specified by the Library regulations.



Library membership is renewable once a year on presentation of a proof of residency and a completed application form. The existing membership card remains valid. Any change in name or address must be notified without delay.



Group Cards


The following social-service and educational bodies operating within the Plaine Centrale urban district area are entitled to a library card :

·          day nurseries, child day-care centres, child-minders;

·          nursery schools and primary schools;

·          lower and upper secondary schools;

·          community centres, youth clubs, social and cultural centres, associations and charities;

·          Institutions providing services for people with limited mobility.


Procedures and fees

Cards are provided to entitled bodies free of charge at the nearest library. A special application form must be filled in and signed by the Director or President of each institution, who then designates a card holder who is held responsible for all library materials taken out.



Library cards need to be renewed every year by presenting proof of residency and an application form  signed by the Director of the organization. You do not need to get a new card to renew your registration at the library. Any change in name or address must be reported without delay.  Contact