Borrowing library materials

How to borrow library materials ?
Card-holders are entitled to borrow materials from all libraries throughout the network. Materials may only be taken out on presentation of a library card.

The library card entitles members to take out up to 20 items from the library network, to a maximum of :

·          10 printed items (magazines, books, comics)

·          6 music CDs

·          6 text CDs (fiction or documentary)

·          4 musical scores

·          2 fiction videos

·          2 documentary videos

·          2 CD-ROMs

All materials may be borrowed for 3 weeks and for one addional 3 week period.

These items may only be taken out on presentation of a library card.



The initial lending period may be extended once online (click «mon compte») provided no other member has requested them («contacts»)  .

Renewal procedure : online instructions and help



It is possible to reserve online up to 5 items from the Plaine Centrale library network whether or not they are currently available (click «mon compte»).

Reservations : online instructions and help



Borrowed materials may be returned to any of the network libraries during opening hours.

Materials may be returned outside opening hours to the Médiathèque du Pôle Culturel d’Alfortville and to the Médiathèque de Limeil-Brévannes by using the drop-bins provided at the front of these libraries.


Late materials and penalties

Borrowed materials may be returned by a third party if members are unable to do so in person.

A fine of 20 cents per item per month will be charged for any materials not returned on time. Members whose fines reach a total of 30€ will be banned from using any of the network libraries.

Minors under 16 are exempt from these penalties but will be banned from taking out further items until all outstanding materials have been returned.


Lost or damaged documents

Library users must take good care of the books, CDs, CD-ROMs, videos, DVDs and musical scores they take out.

Parents or guardians are responsible for all materials taken out by their underage children.


Lost or damaged books or CDs :

- Library users must either replace a lost or damaged item (book or CD) with an identical one or pay the library its current purchase price.


Lost or damaged audiovisual or multimedia materials (CD-ROMS, VHS cassettes, DVD) :

- the prices paid by public libraries for DVDs and CD-ROMs include royalties and licence agreements for individual use and/or public performance (PPRs) wherever possible. Therefore the public price is higher than the retail price charged to private individuals. This also explains why libraries cannot accept donations of DVDs or CD-ROMs.

- The replacement charge for lost or damaged CDROMs, VHS cassettes or DVDs is 35 euros.



Lending to social-service and educational bodies :

(2008 Regulations)


The Plaine Centrale library network provides a lending service to the following social-service and educational bodies operating on its territory :

·          day nurseries, child day-care centres, child-minders;

·          nursery and primary schools;

·          lower and upper secondary schools;

·          community centres, youth clubs, social and cultural centres, associations and charities;

·          institutions providing services to people with insufficient mobility to visit a library.


These bodies may take out:

-         40 printed items for 90 days;

-         2 audio-books;

-         2 musical scores for 3 weeks;

-         6 music materials for 3 weeks;

DVDs and CD-ROMs are cannot be taken out under this arrangement.

Schools must return the documents by the end of the academic year and undertake to replace any lost or damaged items.